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This is a 20,000 GPD Wastewater-Recycling System
It arrives in two (2) twenty-foot (20’) containers: one container houses the aerobic DIGESTER and the other container houses the CLARIFIER-RECYCLER & LS3 (“CRL”) WATER PURIFICATION SYSTEM

The DIGESTER has a ¼” steel plated reinforced interior inserted in the standard ISO container. It has an air system inside to circulate the flow and encourage bacteria growth to dissipate all solids. The CLARIFIER is a settling tank whereby solids drop to the bottom or float to the surface, from which (both bottom and top) solids are vacuumed back into the DIGESTER.

With the hoses connected, we connect the lift station to the sewer intake pipe and then into the influent opening near the top of the DIGESTER.



The interior of the CRL container houses the RECYCLER, which will capture all suspended solids down to 5-microns, the LS3 process, which will purify the remaining effluent (through filtration, absorption, adsorption and UV); and the entire electronic control system.



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