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Wastewater Processing & Wastewater Effluent Recycling | WWR System Construction & Operation | FAQ | Examples | Municipal System Clusters | WWR-M2.5K Collage | Building EWWRU-M20K | WWR Cost Sheet

Wastewater Processing & Wastewater Effluent Recycling


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Global Wastewater’s modular, mobile and deployable, proprietary wastewater systems provide:



The first aspect of understanding, regarding the Global Water process, is that it is more environmentally correct and efficient to recycle wastewater than to just try to clean it and hope that the effluent doesn’t ruin your land, your beaches, or your lives.

Waste water recyclingMost wastewater processing now results in “dumping” the chlorine soaked effluent flow into the lakes, bays, rivers or right onto the land.

The “sludge” from wastewater “drying ponds” is “dumped,” left on the land, or processed into a fertilizer (with sometimes questionable ingredients, like heavy metals and hazardous chemicals).

The Global process is to totally destroy and eliminate all waste products from the wastewater stream and then recycle the effluent flow back to the quality of drinking water.

Then the dispersement of that final, clean and purified effluent provides many choices: You can pump it back into reservoirs for reuse; or into useful water sources for maintenance, agriculture or other needs; or at worse return this pure water to nature: the only way to preserve a higher quality of life and preserve our land.

Waste Water Recycling Systems

Video 1 - What is wastewater processing with wastewater effluent recycling?

Wastewater Recycling

Video 2 - How does the wastewater recycling system work?

Wastewater Recycling Pre-Fabrication

Video 3 - Most frequently asked questions regarding Global's state-of-the-art "green" WWR system.

Wastewater Recycling-Treatment Q & A

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Global’s proprietary Wastewater Process is the best quality system currently available when analyzing ease in installation, ease in operations, minimal maintenance and the resulting effluent (output). The Global process is a modular design able to grow a system efficiently and quickly as needs grow.

Global’s modular, mobile and deployable municipal systems function with 50,000 GPD modules 40’ x 10’ x 10’ in clusters up to five modules, or 250,000 GPD. Each cluster then has a sixth container for the recycling and purification process.

Every 4-clusters equals 1,000,000 GPD; 40 clusters equals 10-MGPD; 400-clusters equals 100-MGPD. The cost to build these modular configurations is less than the “old-style” wastewater system; the footprint is smaller; maintenance is easier; and the quality is so superior for a better environment.

The benefits from using Global Water’s systems:

Infrastructure Repairs and Improvements

Wastewater Processing & Effluent Recycling

  • Exceed EU, WHO, International & U.S.-EPA Standards
  • Eliminate the hazards and costs of sludge disposition
  • Eliminate the health hazards of sewage system overflows
  • Eliminate odor and other problems with waste processing
  • Eliminate the distribution of over-chlorinated effluent
  • Prevent the contamination of effluent runoff
  • Improve the quality of life
  • Easier to maintain
  • Easier to operate
  • Cost efficient
  • Create additional jobs
  • Provide additional substantial Revenues
  • Create capital for further improvements

The tangibles are:

  • The cost of equipment and infrastructure
  • Jobs
  • Create a better business community

The intangibles are:

  • Quality of life improvements
  • Health improvements; reduced medical costs

1 cluster – 250,000 GPD

4 cluster – 1,000,000 GPD

1 Cluster 25K 4 cluster

Wastewater Processing & Wastewater Effluent Recycling | WWR System Construction & Operation | FAQ | Examples | Municipal System Clusters
WWR-M2.5K Collage | Building EWWRU-M20K | WWR Cost Sheet

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